Making Money Through Youtube

In recent years there has been a bit of a fascination with earning money by making Youtube videos. After watching a few videos of people being transparent about their numbers I have concluded that it is very possible to make money this way.

Youtube is big but I think it’s going to be even bigger as time goes on. The way people seek entertainment now has been changing. When I’m having a meal at home I often watch Youtube videos instead of the television because of the vast amount of 5-10 minute videos available that do not operate on a schedule like television programming.

A simple method of calculating how much you can earn on Youtube is .50-$1 for every 1000 views. You can also earn additional revenue through ads and other methods. I don’t know what kind of videos I would make but I like the possibilities it offers. There’s a WordPress blogger I follow who also follows my blog who recently gained some success on Youtube with his prison stories. He used to blog from prison and I’ve been following him since his release so I know his journey from the beginning.

Joe was struggling at first on Youtube but one video he made received a million hits and he’s gotten momentum since then. He’s hit well over 200,000 subscribers in a short amount of time.


As always if you’re a good looking woman with a nice set of tits you can probably get views by doing almost anything. There are many videos of people playing guitar but cleavage out ranks the best male guitarists. It is said that women make 70-80% of what men make in the working world but cleavage wins 99% of the time. If women want equal pay then they have to cut their tits off to be fair. A level playing field is supposed to be flat.


Much like how people have their favourite TV shows people are going to have their favourite Youtube channels and personalities. Just like any TV show though I imagine that many currently popular Youtube channels will lose steam from lack of new and good content. I could see some channels becoming like a reality show where their subscribers continue watching them because that person has become part of their life. Maybe I’ll dress up like a woman and fold paper cranes.


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