Reliving the 1960s

Much of the autobiography that I have been reading is coincidentally set in the same era and country as a show that I have been binge watching, Mad Men. Binge watching a show is much easier than reading a 900 page book. If I can do an average of 3 pages a day then I can finish the book in less than a year. 5 seasons of Mad Men took me less than a month.


The book that I have been reading is a memoir of a wealthy man in America. I’m contemplating whether I would rather be an unattractive wealthy man or a penniless Don Draper. To walk around all your life as Don Draper is priceless. Everywhere you go and every day, people have their head slightly tilted up admiring your magnificent bone structure on your 6′ tall frame. I would just go out just to be seen and smoke cigarettes just because I look so good doing it. Women would surround me just to inhale my second hand smoke.

Cleverness and one-liners would not be necessary. Well-thought-out tactics to lure women are for the invisible men not handsome devils with a strong jawline. All I’d have to do is say “hi” and smile. She’d giggle like a school girl and forget that she is married.

Sure, money can bring you beautiful women but when a woman is with you primarily for your money she is just a glorified prostitute, and for the right price a prostitute will even go to bed with a man with a face that only a mother could love.

I’m going to miss Don Draper. Hopefully I find a replacement man crush soon.



6 comments on “Reliving the 1960s

  1. winfred says:

    Lol… glorified prostitute?? She is only working extre hard to avoid poverty

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  2. Mr.Johnsons' wealthy cousin says:

    I think I’d take the money. It seems easier that way. It would be more difficult to say, convince females on a regular basis to have an orgy, than it would be if you paid them. Plus, you could do much more with the money. Money it is.


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