Making Money Through Youtube

In recent years there has been a bit of a fascination with earning money by making Youtube videos. After watching a few videos of people being transparent about their numbers I have concluded that it is very possible to make money this way.

Youtube is big but I think it’s going to be even bigger as time goes on. The way people seek entertainment now has been changing. When I’m having a meal at home I often watch Youtube videos instead of the television because of the vast amount of 5-10 minute videos available that do not operate on a schedule like television programming.

A simple method of calculating how much you can earn on Youtube is .50-$1 for every 1000 views. You can also earn additional revenue through ads and other methods. I don’t know what kind of videos I would make but I like the possibilities it offers. There’s a WordPress blogger I follow who also follows my blog who recently gained some success on Youtube with his prison stories. He used to blog from prison and I’ve been following him since his release so I know his journey from the beginning.

Joe was struggling at first on Youtube but one video he made received a million hits and he’s gotten momentum since then. He’s hit well over 200,000 subscribers in a short amount of time.


As always if you’re a good looking woman with a nice set of tits you can probably get views by doing almost anything. There are many videos of people playing guitar but cleavage out ranks the best male guitarists. It is said that women make 70-80% of what men make in the working world but cleavage wins 99% of the time. If women want equal pay then they have to cut their tits off to be fair. A level playing field is supposed to be flat.


Much like how people have their favourite TV shows people are going to have their favourite Youtube channels and personalities. Just like any TV show though I imagine that many currently popular Youtube channels will lose steam from lack of new and good content. I could see some channels becoming like a reality show where their subscribers continue watching them because that person has become part of their life. Maybe I’ll dress up like a woman and fold paper cranes.

In Search of Riches

Money isn’t everything but without it there is almost nothing. People are generally content with the amount of money that they have only when they have given up on believing in the possibility of being able to accumulate more. Acceptance brings peace even in times of discontent.

The notion that riches will bring eternal happiness is a huge oversight no less complicated than the oversights made as an adolescent. Everything can be exciting until you’ve experienced it. But until you have experienced it enough you will likely fantasize and watch others on TV showoff the life that you shamefully try to imitate. Happiness is just having something that most people don’t have but want.

It’s fairly achievable to become average in a short amount of time. Living averagely for an extended amount of time feels sub-par. When feeling discontent we look for a way out. Since we live in a world that seems to cater well to those with money the thought of more money brings thoughts of liberation. If you get desperate enough the brain starts exploring ideas like slowly poisoning your spouse with anti-freeze to cash in on a life insurance policy.

With the anchor of a spouse out of the way, $1 million dollars and a one way ticket to the Caribbean, you’re on your way to the good life. Unfortunately, the purpose of humans is to become discontent so that we go out and search for the next possible land to conquer to fulfill our evolutionary destiny.

This is a bullshit post. The reason why people aren’t happy is because they can’t afford it. If money isn’t making you happy it’s because you don’t have enough.


Daily Prompt: Oversight


Being an Asshole

If you read about children and adolescents who grow up in less than ideal situations the prediction is that they will succumb to certain pitfalls in life. I was one of those kids and I have succumbed to almost all of them. There’s something really sobering when you realize that you’ve become a statistic.

I never saw myself as having behavourial issues but I guess with the amount of times in grade school that I’ve been suspended, sent to the office, sent to the corner, sent to the hallway, assigned garbage duty, it should have made it obvious.

Some teachers hated my guts and sometimes I didn’t even know it. My art teacher in grade 11 gave us our final grades before they were officially recorded and to my semi-surprise I failed the year. Not a big surprise since I failed 5 out of 8 courses in grade 8 and failed 1 or 2 courses every other year. Summer school was a given for me. A normal student would talk to the teacher in private but being raised by wolves I just blurted out my discontent in front of the whole class. “How could I have failed?!?”

I don’t remember what she said but it had something to do with skipping class I think. After a few back and forth arguments she caved and said, “fine, I’ll pass you if you promise to not take my class next year.” If it was possible to hear silence that was definitely the sound. Her comment hurt my feelings a little. I knew she didn’t adore me but with that kind of request she must have really not enjoyed my presence in the class.

Up until about 8 years of age I was a sweet little kid. In that year I befriended a kid in class who had a penchant for being bad. We lived a block from each other so fate had it that we would become best friends. We even had the same first name.

I couldn’t believe the arsenal of swear words he had and could put together. It was the first time I heard so many 4 letter words combined with different body parts. He’d make fun of people and I enjoyed it but I also enjoyed the reaction that it gave other people. I was hooked. I wanted to do what he did. I embraced the identity of being bad. Since then I’ve put a significant amount of energy into trying to get reactions from people at the expense of anything or anyone.

Lately I’ve been thinking about my blog posts and how my behavioural issues relate to them. Most bloggers always worry about offending strangers while I usually don’t. I sometimes regret it later. I’ve been pondering the idea that maybe I should be more like others in my blogging life and in real life. Recently I started counting down from 10 when I feel like saying something that I probably shouldn’t.




Male Housewife Adventures

An old blind guy that I help buy groceries for inspired me to take my soup making to another dimension. I like making soup because it’s nutritious and lazy. With my new interest in being a housewife I decided to look into buying some sort of appliance that will do a puree. I decided on a hand blender.


Cuisinart  Hand Blender CSB-85C

Butternut squash, broccoli, celery, radishes(leaves included), cucumber(unpeeled), leeks, garlic. Total cost…$9.85 Canadian. I would have put in a green bell pepper but they cost $3 a pound. My diet revolves around economics. For the sake of flavour though I should add some spices and leaves.

I believe a puree will be more flavourful than compared to just boiling. To disappoint the vegans I may add a drop of milk or perhaps a drop of my own blood.


There’s probably some warning in the manual about blending liquids while they are boiling. The blender has a safety button that needs to be pressed while pressing the power button in order for it to operate. It makes it harder to fool around and accidentally or purposely mangle someone else’s nose.



I had the dog’s interest every time I powered on the blender


I guess it works. If you’re going to play with boiling liquid though you have to make sure enough of the blender is submerged otherwise hot liquid will fly like kids on an amusement ride without safety harnesses.


So far it looks like it will taste like shit

I haven’t tried it yet as it is still simmering. Incorporating healthy soups lessens my guilt when I do my daily heroin. Life is all about balance.

Reliving the 1960s

Much of the autobiography that I have been reading is coincidentally set in the same era and country as a show that I have been binge watching, Mad Men. Binge watching a show is much easier than reading a 900 page book. If I can do an average of 3 pages a day then I can finish the book in less than a year. 5 seasons of Mad Men took me less than a month.


The book that I have been reading is a memoir of a wealthy man in America. I’m contemplating whether I would rather be an unattractive wealthy man or a penniless Don Draper. To walk around all your life as Don Draper is priceless. Everywhere you go and every day, people have their head slightly tilted up admiring your magnificent bone structure on your 6′ tall frame. I would just go out just to be seen and smoke cigarettes just because I look so good doing it. Women would surround me just to inhale my second hand smoke.

Cleverness and one-liners would not be necessary. Well-thought-out tactics to lure women are for the invisible men not handsome devils with a strong jawline. All I’d have to do is say “hi” and smile. She’d giggle like a school girl and forget that she is married.

Sure, money can bring you beautiful women but when a woman is with you primarily for your money she is just a glorified prostitute, and for the right price a prostitute will even go to bed with a man with a face that only a mother could love.

I’m going to miss Don Draper. Hopefully I find a replacement man crush soon.


Ice Streets

It’s an ice rink on the small streets all over the city. All day I hear vehicles spinning their wheels and the hysterical cries from mothers when their children get batted by the impact of a vehicle that has lost control.

When the city decides that the snow removal budget may not last to the end of winter they sit around hoping for rain while bumper cars become the hottest sport and hospital beds fill up with fractured elderly hips. Can’t break that budget.

It’s true that it doesn’t always snow here and sometimes when it does it isn’t much but sometimes it is. I assume budgets are made with estimations using historical data and the solution for a margin of error is, let’s just hope it doesn’t happen. With no snow here in the last 2 winters there is a surplus for the snow removal budget but I guess it still ain’t enough. The other issue is that road salt is hard to come by when you want it last minute. They should be stock piling that crap like water. It’s not like you can’t use it in the future.

Some might say that it’s a complicated issue and that I just don’t know how it works. That might be true. It’s just an issue that is near and dear to my heart because I was a courier driver for 7 years and most of those years were spent in shitty rear-wheel drive vehicles. Even those 10 degree incline and declines wreaked havoc on my life. I learned that if your vehicle is stuck in front of someone’s home they will come out and help you otherwise they have to hear you redline your engine and spin your wheels for 2 hours.

Skating on the street in front of my house.



Either, I think it’s going to be exciting or I think I’m going to regret it if…. is what comes to mind when making a decision to take action or no action. Regret is a weird one. It stands as a motivator to not make the same mistake again but what purpose does it have when you’re too old or incapable to redeem yourself? Sitting there wishing you did this and that only causes grief that you take to the grave. Perhaps once you’re filled with regret and cannot do anything about it, it’s mother nature’s way of saying your life is over so hurry up and die or she’ll make you hate yourself until you do.

It almost seems that we base our major life decisions according to how we think we will feel about them in the distant future. You’re given a fact sheet and you play by the odds, succumb to irrational fears or just live for the day. Possible regret is often treated like life long credit card debt and cancer from smoking cigarettes…you seize the comfort now to defer the possible discomfort in the future. Maybe it won’t happen anyway, right?

The time variable plays into the equation of regret. If you think you have time then you think you have hope, and if you think you have hope then regret will not fully manifest itself. Having time and hope is often the reason to procrastinate. There’s 364 days to buy Christmas gifts but the shopping malls are their busiest on Christmas Eve. Unfortunately, in life the opportunities hardly ever present themselves the day before it’s too late nor will you be notified ahead of time when it will be too late.

For some people the whole point of life is to not have any regrets or at least none that eat them up. To admit regret for the life you lived without providing a consolation for your ego is not an honour one accepts graciously. If you’re smart enough or dumb enough then you can always find ways to alleviate any potential regrets with your rationalizations. If you can’t get what you want then you can change how you feel about it.

The only evolutionary benefit of regret when the game cannot be played again is being able to tell the younger generations to not do what you did. Knowledge is a survival skill that gets passed on and if the elders of your tribe don’t have useful knowledge then you’re at a disadvantage. Perhaps then, if one is not willing to admit their regrets it’s just as detrimental to the survival of their loved ones just as it would be to teach them incorrectly how to hunt and gather. Maybe the dissolution of the ego is an overlooked survival trait.