Hairy Christmas

Quite often I will get the question, “do you celebrate Christmas?” I’m not sure if I do or not because I’m not sure what I have ever done during Christmas would be considered celebrating. If having dinner is considered celebrating then that’s a pretty lame celebration.

I received 3 wrapped gifts this year, all from people I’ve met in some way from volunteering. Before they even reached my hands when they gave them to me I already knew they were boxes of chocolates from the 1 inch height of the boxes. Two of them were chocolate hedgehogs although different types. How did the hedgehog get the coveted chocolate honour? Why not a wolverine or river otter? Sometimes you only have to get lucky once to solidify a lifetime of success that never gets questioned.

They say Christmas is a lonely time of year for many folks. It’s not that it’s any lonelier than the other 364 days when some people are alone but a more intense feeling of feeling like a loser. If you’re alone on Christmas it’s generally thought that no one cares about you. If no one cares about you it means you’re an asshole or undesirable. It all equals to a feeling of failure.

I didn’t do anything this Christmas. This afternoon I did an Uber type ride for $13 to drive some kid and her mother to a piano lesson. I later wasted most of that $13 on a Big Mac and medium fries. Most of the rest of the day was spent watching Mad Men on Netflix. Handsome bastard that Don Draper. I long for those days when people had manners, men were men and when music was good. I used to be able to buy a chocolate bar for 5 cents after my shift at the opium den. This world has moved too fast for me.

Merry Christmas



3 comments on “Hairy Christmas

  1. Fred Colton says:

    I went to a Christmas party with people I don’t like just to not be alone, but I think I’d have been happier drinking coffee and dicking around on the internet alone.


  2. lightpuma says:

    Sometimes I’m in a room full of people, but I still feel alone. But then I’m with just one person, and that one person feels like a party. For people who actually celebrate Christmas, I think it’s sad for them to celebrate it alone. I’ve never been totally alone on a holiday, but I can imagine what it’s like. I’ve been through many holidays wishing that things would be different.

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