Rainy Days

There have been at least a few famous people that have publicly stated their negative remarks towards Vancouver’s over average rainfall climate. In return they get a backlash from Vancouver residents telling them to “don’t come back!”

It must rain a lot here. I’ve never been that aware of it since I have lived here all of my life. “A lot” is subjective. Some people in the world think 2 meals a day is a lot. More recently, I’ve heard a few radio interviews on how people like this city and Seattle except that it rains too much and it’s depressing.

In October it rained 28 days out of the month. In November it rained 25 days out of the month. This month it hasn’t rained as often because it’s been snowing instead.

I think it’s been getting to me. I was fairly joyful in the summer from just having sunshine. Lately, I’ve been noticing a cloud of sadness looming around. I’ve heard of Seasonal Affective Disorder(SAD) but never felt I had an issue with it. Maybe it was because I felt at least a little shitty every season. Why save your sadness for one season when you can spread it out through all four? It might not be SAD. I hope it is though because otherwise it’s something else.

Today there was finally blue sky. It felt so good to just be outside with the sun shining and breathing in the fresh air. I went to the strip mall to buy something and after just stood outside for an hour doing nothing until the low angled sun called it a day. It was probably good that I left anyway otherwise someone might have called the cops soon. It made me think about buying a plane ticket to somewhere sunny.





4 comments on “Rainy Days

  1. Fred Colton says:

    Do it dude. Traveling is a nice drug to take.


  2. lightpuma says:

    I think I mentioned to you how I visited there recently (just a year ago). It was my first time going. And I grew up in Ontario where rain is seasonal (a rainy month is 12 ish days of rain, I think). I really loved the rain there. I thought it was magical. Then I visited Vancouver. I thought I’d love the rain. But for some reason, I HATED it. The dark, gray skies and constant rain weren’t magical at all, lol. I don’t know if it’s because I was just irritated from the travelling, but I really didn’t enjoy that rain. I think I only like rain when it’s occasional. Also, I know someone who moved to L.A. from Toronto; now she can’t stand anything but sunny weather, lol. What I call sunny, she’d call too cloudy.
    Overall, I think too much rain and dark skies are not good for your health, physically or mentally.


    • MrJohnson says:

      Yes, I remember you came here to check it out. Rain is refreshing. Too much though feels like you’re being drowned. Rain might suck but I’m not sure how I feel about 2 feet of snow for 4 months of the year that the rest of the country gets.


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