Snowperson Sociology


An unexpected snowfall had me shovelling the snow around the house today. After I was done I decided to roll a snowball. The homestretch had me out of breath like I haven’t been in a couple years. Ideas often come from other ideas which led me to thinking about building a snowperson. I stood there picturing the work involved and decided to stock up on some calories first.

After breakfast I started talking myself out of it. What was I going to get out of it? ‘Something to do,’ just wasn’t holding up against the primitive wiring that sends out signals to conserve energy. If I had ever put down on my resume that I was ‘self-motivated,’ I was lying.

Then I thought about how all the people walking and driving by would potentially enjoy my snowperson. I get motivation from the thought of entertaining or pleasing people. Besides, it’s Monday and while most people were commuting in the shitty conditions to get to some place they don’t want to be at, I get to make a snowperson.

So I put on my boots again and rolled the second tier. Lifting the torso onto the base took all my might and caused a pain that felt like my ribs pierced a vital organ…similar to that feeling when you sneeze while your body is hunched over.

I scouted the vicinity for body parts. The creative process was enjoyable. Just like most times in life, when you’re done you’re glad that you went through with it. Life is stupid.

I’ll post a picture when some kids kick it down and pee all over it.


10 comments on “Snowperson Sociology

  1. I’m glad I can’t make a snowperson in our 65 degree weather. I enjoy seeing yours all the more.

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  2. At least you managed to have fun during this winter season. If you could be so kind as to check out my blog and tell me what you think.


  3. Pee all over it??

    I think you did great! I could never have the patience to get one that big.


  4. marliesvonn says:

    I love the hair, man, That’s super creative.

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  5. lightpuma says:

    Lol. You’re quite the artist. I’m lovin’ the hair.


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