Playing Devil’s Advocate

The Canadian Immigration website crashed last night due to high volume from Americans entertaining refuge. I think it might be an overreaction. Missiles aren’t blowing up Wisconsin cheese factories and there is still clean drinking water coming out of the faucets. Give it a few days and people will quit the dramatic idea like a new year’s resolution. People leave places in droves in countries like Syria not America. Besides, it’s going to be great again, remember? If you think your life is shitty in America it probably means you don’t qualify to relocate to Canada. If you’re still keen though and a good looking woman, I will sacrifice my single status for you.

People are saying it’s the end of the world. Apparently Trump being president will be more catastrophic than the World Wars, Cuban Missile Crisis, Cold War, The Great Depression and The Great Recession since none of those events led to the end of America. The Dow Jones is over 18,000, Apple will probably come out with another iPhone and you’re still shitting on clean drinking water. I know the Trump win is the most serious and upsetting event since Buster Douglas knocked out Mike Tyson but I think it will be okay.

Trump is thought to have no respect for women because of his ‘grab’em by the pussy’ comment 10 years ago and other remarks. There was this other president, Bill Clinton, that probably did his fair share of pussy grabbing while he was president and while in the White House. We don’t even know about every detail and every woman he possibly fondled during his 2 terms.


I was going to say Donald Trump is not a racist but after looking up the definition of the term I suppose he would qualify but I swear that the dictionary definition has changed over the years. A racist used to be defined as a person who hated another person solely for their race. In our liberal and progressive society if you say burritos suck you might be thought of as a racist.

According to the current definition of a ‘racist,’ we are all probably considered racists. If you had to pick someone to park your vehicle and your choices were a white, black or Asian person…who would you not choose? You don’t have to say it out loud. Racially stereotyping does not make someone a racist. Acting disgusted with Trump is the socially acceptable thing to do. It’s like not telling someone that you ate McDonald’s 5 times this week. I’m already at 3…shhhhh.

Being able to predict the future has always been a very admirable trait that’s why so many continue to pretend they can but with poor results. No one knows what’s going to happen they only know what they want to believe. If life isn’t a joke, yesterday’s result sure doesn’t support that. Give him a chance. He might build that wall and make them pay for it.

This can’t be all that surprising. George W. Bush got elected for 2 terms.








4 comments on “Playing Devil’s Advocate

  1. lisa74 says:

    I sure didn’t vote for Bush and I didn’t want Trump to become our next president. My post today on Facebook was: “I just hope no dang wall is going to be built…and women will still have the right to choose….and I never hear the word “fat, ugly face” come from his mouth again…and he doesn’t make an ass of himself when meeting world leaders.” His pussy comment might have been from 10 years ago, but in the presidential debates this past month he was unclassy and unprofessional mentioning Rosie O’Donnell (who does that in a PRESIDENTIAL debate) and calling Clinton “nasty.” He has no filter and just spews out his thoughts-just like Bush. I know Clinton is far from perfect and that’s what is sad and frustrating about American politics….My life is not going to change with Trump in office, but I just want to make sure no one has to leave my country because of Trump’s way of thinking.


  2. Dumb….just so f-ing dumb. These whiners are doing just that, whining like 5 year olds.
    If they want to leave…buh bye and don’t let the “wall” hit your ass on the way out!

    But besides that…we shall see how this all unfolds. For now, I’m just trying to enjoy my first holiday in a white winter.

    Still….this whole “protesting” who the majority of the country ELECTED as our new president is dumb.

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