October SaTURDay

What’s worse? Facebook status updates by the hour or blog post updates by the hour? I got nothing to do today so I may or may not be drinking wine and listening to Heart. To keep productive and sane I vacuumed and mopped the floors with my shirt off like a real man. I need to get the dog to start wiping her feet when she comes in from the yard.


If you don’t have an interest in a certain area of life, you can spark an interest by betting money on it in some way. To add to my fall in life, today I started a career in being a degenerate sports gambler. If wagering money is not enough to make you care about sports it means you’re not betting enough. I’m playing on the provincial government’s gambling platform where they promote responsibility by telling you to “stay within your limits.” But if you don’t listen to them it’s not their fault. They also provide gambling addiction assistance meaning they give you a number to call when you’ve lost all of your money and pawned your wife’s wedding ring that’s still attached to her finger. A friend and I have a steak dinner wager on which one of our friends is going to get divorced first. We don’t bet on the guy as much as we bet on who has the craziest wife.

On the radio yesterday morning was a documentary about people in America living off the grid because they think the country is going to go to shits. These same people say they are going to vote for Donald Trump not because they like him but because it represents change in a system they think is going to bring chaos.

People like to believe what caters to their current situation. If your life is good then you’ll believe it will continue going that direction. If it sucks then maybe you’ll live off the grid, stock up on ammo, Heinz beans and vote for Donald J. Trump. Also, if you have kids you’ll want to believe everything is going to be okay.

The uprising of the idea that the world is going to go shits within a handful of years was spawned by the 2008 recession. Before that no one was stocking up on ammo, talking about zombies, an apocalypse or producing survivalist TV shows. It doesn’t take much to strike fear in people. Optimism and confidence are as fragile as trust. Your husband has been faithful to you for 25 years but the day you catch him watching midget porn is the day it all goes to shits. Give the guy a break, he’s not planning to leave you for a dwarf.





3 comments on “October SaTURDay

  1. Bonsai says:

    Cute dog and set up for the tunes!

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