Cigarette Smoke

I spent years 4-12 living in a house that was a step away from resembling a crackhouse. People felt sorry for me when they saw where I lived and even more horrified when they stepped inside to see that the inside matched the outside. If the visuals didn’t stimulate their eyes the smell would hit them like a punch in the nose.

It was a small place so the cigarette smoke would hang out like a constant fog. When the master of the domain grows up in a time when smoking cigarettes could be prescribed as a cure for certain ailments, there is not much thought given to the dangers of secondhand smoke. Sometimes his other single male friends would come over and light up and I would cover my nose and mouth with my shirt. To them I was being a sissy. “It’ll put hair on your chest.” 25 years later and I still don’t have a single visible follicle of hair there. I think they said the same would happen if I ate onions.

When I left that piece of shit house just before I turned 13, I started smoking cigarettes. Smoking would automatically get me accepted by a group just like if I were to join the chess club. “You’re one of us now.” Certain corner stores would sell illegal cigarettes for $4 and by illegal I mean Marlboros. For whatever reason Marlboros were illegal in Canada. We would find a friend to split a pack so that we would only have to shell out $2 each from our meager allowances. $2 was a small fee to pay to be cool.

My body never liked cigarettes all too much but I continued my partnership with them not because I thought it was cool but because it gave me something to do for 5 minutes. It was also a bonding tool. “Go out for a smoke?”

Smoking cigarettes is often referred to as stupid. I disagree. Stupid is when you’re given all the facts to be able to come to an obvious conclusion but you don’t have the brain power to make sense of it still. Knowing that smoking is bad for you and doing it anyway is something else…maybe foolish, ignorant or you just don’t care because it feels so good.

Cigarettes still don’t do it for me but I will have one every now and then because I like breathing smoke out like a dragon.

Daily Prompt: Smoke




One comment on “Cigarette Smoke

  1. You are funny and now…when I’m on my balcony sitting in the cold for my nightly relax smoke….I will pretend I’m a Dragon, reeking havoc on Westeros!!



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