The Trump Comedown

The recent intensified possibility that Donald J. Trump will not be elected president is like that feeling the moment you realize your cocaine high is headed downhill…that is, if you are rooting for him which I am.

I don’t know if he was going to make America great again but I had full confidence he was going to entertain me at least every other day for the next 4 years. There is no way Hillary is going to get off Air Force One and start grabbing the crotches of international politicians.

Ever since the public learned of his ‘grab’em by the pussy’ tactic the media and other political pundits have stated his chances of winning are next to none. His only prayer is that Hillary gets a heart attack within the next few weeks or video is leaked of her in a threesome with Bill and Monica Lewinsky.

There may be consequences for Trump’s entertainment value if elected but that’s the case for all forms of entertainment. Next to fixed expenses in our lives, entertainment is what bleeds our wallets and time dry. Entertainment is paid for with money, credit, hangovers and regret. Worst case scenario Trump was going to continue giving people what they wanted only in a less accepted method like paying for sex.

Donald Trump running for president and almost winning was the high amongst highs for a presidential election. Now if things are going the way they say they are the world is going to be fed the entertainment value equivalent of tap water and saltine crackers for the next 4 years or possibly 8. I realize that the job of a president of a country is not entertainment but my thoughts are just catering to my selfish entertainment desires. Donald Trump was the high fructose corn syrup beverage that spiked your insulin and threatened diabetes but you just couldn’t help yourself. You tell people and yourself that you don’t want it but when no one is around you devour it and silently and lustfully scream, GIVE ME MORE!


6 comments on “The Trump Comedown

  1. Well I have to admit I never quiet looked at the whole Trump thing that way before, but I surely did enjoy reading this. πŸ™‚


  2. Thanks for the entertainment.

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  3. The future of this country is why I will NEVER have any more offspring and fear for the one I do have. This country is rigged, as a whole.

    I to, was rooting for Trump not just because I’m Republican but because sometimes being not so PC is what this country needs and the Powers that Be don’t like that.


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