Fighting for Vinyl Records

I just arrived home from a yard sale that had vinyl records. If you’ve been reading my posts from the last couple months you’re probably sick of my vinyl record adventures.


I got there 5 minutes after the start of the advertised start time but some morbidly obese guy decided to skip breakfast so that he could beat me there for first dibs. Luckily the owners were slow to bring out the records. To make things worse we appeared to have similar tastes in music.

He snagged Michael Jackson’s, Bad and Pink Floyd’s, The Wall. He had some others that I wanted to steal from him but I’m mostly pissed off about those two. I should be happy that I found the ones that I did but I don’t care, I want it all. I used to have Michael Jackson’s, Thriller but I gave it to a girl. Advice for young men…don’t give women anything, you’ll regret it. If she’s not happy with the handmade greeting card you made her then she can get lost.

The fat guy pretty much got everything he wanted because I let him go through most of the piles first. I saw, “The Wall” album first but I knew he wanted it so I didn’t fight him for it. There was even a Rolling Stones album that I offered to him first which he gladly accepted. The only one that he might have wanted from my findings was the Billy Joel album. “Oh, Billy Joel. Nice,” he said. That’s right, you vinyl record hog, I got one that you didn’t. I happened to snag that one from a small pile that I got to first. The truth is I felt kind of sorry for him that he was morbidly obese so I didn’t race him through the piles of records. He had a gut that needed a bra.

Again, there was another Linda Ronstadt record for sale. Now I kind of regret not picking it up just for shits and giggles.

The owner wanted $5 per title. I’m not paying $5 a title at a yard sale. Half the records I buy at yard sales don’t play so well. I don’t like pulling out the Chinese bargaining monster that is embedded in my DNA but he will come out if the opposition refuses to surrender.

“4 for $15?”

“Ummm…pick another one and you can have 5 for $20.”

“I barely want this 4th one..haha.” (C’mon, give in)

I found a few more that I liked enough. “7 for $25?”

We had a deal. At close to $3.50 a title I’m satisfied. One day I’m going to have too many vinyl records and I’m going to sell them at my yard sale for $5 a piece.


8 comments on “Fighting for Vinyl Records

  1. Cute. Quite an entrepreneur, you are.


  2. Bonsai says:

    Chinese bargaining monster!!!


  3. I have most of those vinyls in my garage – I just can’t part with them – they are my youth! 😁


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