Random Journal Entry


The ad on Craigslist indicated there was a yard sale selling vinyl records near by my home. At this yard sale there was this framed photo of a bunch of African kids probably from some poor country where their mothers spend 2 hours a day fetching water from the well. I thought about buying it and hanging it on my wall as a conversation piece. The bullshit I could tell people. “I helped build a school for these kids back in 2003. I got malaria but their smiling faces made it all worth it.”


If I ever get another dog I think I will get the ugliest dog available. Having a cute dog makes me talk to the dog all day and say things like, “oh look at you you’re so cute.” You know your dog is ugly when no one at the dog park comments on how cute or nice looking your dog is. “Oh aren’t you..umm..ahh……a good boy.” You’ll know your dog is really ugly if you’re standing in front of the liquor store with it and people give you spare change.


The other night I had the bright idea of buying a pack of cigarettes. I haven’t bought a pack in a few years but I felt like a cigarette. $13.75! Being under the influence of substances makes for poor decision making.

Down my block there’s an Angelina Jolie impersonator. She’s a fairly good looking white woman who adopted a really dark African kid with a scar from a cleft lip surgery. Possibly the luckiest kid in the world.

I unconsciously ate junk food the whole day today. While waiting for an elderly, disabled lady at the hospital I bought ice cream. A couple hours later near my home I went and bought potato chips. A few hours later I saw a huge piece of cake in the fridge that had a best before date of Sept 9th. Well, if that’s the case then I have to eat it tonight while it’s still at its best. I ate nothing else today. I’m punishing myself tonight by sending myself to my room without dinner.



6 comments on “Random Journal Entry

  1. Bonsai says:

    You say the darnedest things Mr. I do like your style.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. $13.75 for one pack of cigarettes! Or a carton?


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