Vinyl Records

Recently I’ve been getting into vinyl records. If anyone tells you they are better than digital audio tell them to fuck off. I like records though. I like them because it makes listening to music a more satisfying experience. I get to see the record spin and display the large art cover. I totally understand if other people aren’t onto it.  It’s a bit of a fetish thing. 

The downside of records is that Side 1 has ended and I am laying on the couch with the dog comfortably sleeping between my legs.

This record isn’t going to flip itself. If it was iTunes playing then it could play until I starved to death. When auto-reverse was available for cassette tapes people must have wet themselves.

If you think vinyl records are better than digital technology it’s because you are either old or a supreme hipster. “I like the static.”


5 comments on “Vinyl Records

  1. Bonsai says:

    Exactly! Listening to everything from David Byrne to NRPS LPs this past weekend I have to agree!

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  2. There’s nothing like a jumping record. Where it has been scratched and plays the same thing repeatedly. There’s no “skipping over the damaged part”. No either you listen the giant from Mickey’s Jack and the Beanstalk repeatedly sing fee fi fo flee or you get off your ass and help the needle along.


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