Mental Discrimination

Some of the face to face type jobs here discriminate towards their hiring practices. If you want to be a cop or bus driver you will have a better chance getting hired if you’re a non-white male. Government and big corporations like to promote how socially progressive they are.

Back in my day(hahaha), cops used to big white guys. Today it’s not uncommon to see a 5’4″ woman serving and protecting. I wouldn’t want to be a cop unless if I was at least 5’10”. I don’t want to be questioning some big, hairy biker dude knowing that inside his head he’s laughing at my runty presence. I’m supposed to serve and protect the community but who is going to protect me?

Today I was talking to a high functioning mentally challenged guy in his 30’s and he has this weekly newspaper delivering gig that pays him $80 to deliver 125 papers which takes him about 3 hours. I want his job! I felt kind of pathetic asking a mentally challenged guy to hook me up with some employment but I couldn’t help myself. He told me the recruitment agency he went through so I looked it up on the internet to not surprisingly discover that it’s an agency that helps people with mental disabilities.

I felt cheated and discriminated against. So this is how white people have been feeling when they are affected by affirmative action. On top of that he makes $12.50 an hour at his fish and chips job, and takes home $300 a week from tips. Next week he’ll probably show me a picture of his hot girlfriend.

They say the average IQ of a person is between 90 and 110. To get disability benefits you have to be 70 and under. So if you’re at 80 you’re better off being 10 points lower because between disability and average is the range where there is no love. Fuck, I wonder if I’m at 80.


2 comments on “Mental Discrimination

  1. Lousy Minx says:

    You’re at least a 100 IQ. Sorry, bro!


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