Yard Sale Findings and Losings



Trump, no tengo miedo de una pared

I visited a few yard sales that were advertised on Craigslist this morning. One guy had ‘old records’ advertised but when I got there he said some guy bought the whole bunch yesterday. I want to talk to your manager!

Another ad showed a picture of rotary phones but someone before me snatched the good ones yesterday. As a consolation I found this Mexican dude. The guy wanted $5. I picked up another item and asked if he would throw it in. We had a deal.

In the sensitive culture we live in today, derogatory wife jokes are not as trendy as before. I’m going to mail this to the 65-year-old divorced white guy that I know.


2 comments on “Yard Sale Findings and Losings

  1. I’m love the yard sales here. The stuff is actually decent and they are happening all the time. The city doesn’t regulate when a home owner can have a yard sale on their OWN property. I’ve found some very useful stuff. But that mexican puppet thing…yeah I would chop that up and use it for fire wood….yuck!


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