Reunited Through Craigslist

I love Craigslist. I would give Craig a hug if I could. Before Craigslist people would go out and buy stuff brand new through retailers unless if they got lucky through a friend. Sure, CL might be bad for the economy but the economy doesn’t care about you so why should you give a crap about it? In the end the economy will conform to what the people want.

I have an item for sale that has been on CL for a few months and last night some guy replied telling me to call him. Tonight I called him and there was no answer. A few minutes later he called me back giving me the impression that he knew me. He still had my phone number saved on his phone but he had no idea that it was my ad that he replied to.

“WTF…that’s your ad? Hahaha.” It wouldn’t be as strange if I lived in a town of 5000 but there’s 2 million people in this city and a manual camera lens from 1980 isn’t exactly a hot commodity these days.

It’s been a few years since I’ve seen him. We got to talking and it was an enjoyable conversation. It looks like we’re going to be meeting up soon. There’s a few things that we have in common so it might be a good thing. If I have a son one day I am going to name him Craig but I may have to bestow that honour to my next dog even if it’s a girl.



2 comments on “Reunited Through Craigslist

  1. Craig’s list is great for the economy. My rationale is complicated, but it comes down to the fact that every time a penny changes hands, it buys a penny’s worth (Adam Smith), unless it’s taxed. Taxes erode the buying power of money. CL turns individuals into entrepreneurs, without the overhead of brick-and-mortar stores or business licenses.

    Craig’s list is also great for finding parts or products that companies no longer make or have priced out of normal ranges. The retail stores have over-stuffed shelves, but little true variety.

    And, as you noted, it’s a good way to meet interesting people, people who share some of your interests. I’ve just done a little Craig’s list trading, but I’ve met some interesting people. Of course, I take obvious precautions, as anyone should do.


    • MrJohnson says:

      CL might not be bad for the economy. It could be that it just changes the distribution of money.

      CL is really great for getting free/cheap furniture. Many people are dying to get that big couch out of their home. Unfortunately, the stains and food crumbs are usually included.

      Yeah, I get a little worried when I give people my address. Luckily I rarely sell anything of significant value.

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