Crazy Craigslist Seller

Something recently made me want to go after vintage audio gear. Just the other day on the radio they were saying something about a person who collects vinyl records is most likely to be a middle-aged, lonely, introverted male.

To search for old gear I used newer technology…Craigslist. The guy I bought a receiver and speakers off gave me a whole new perspective on what kind of people exist in a suburb near you.

“For your map planning, my cross streets are Fairford Place & 131 St. TEXT me when you arrive at the cross streets, and I will meet you there, and bring you the rest of the way tp my place. TEXT ONLY”

Okay…either he doesn’t like verbal communication or he was low on minutes. It was obvious he didn’t want to give me his exact address. I suspect he was taking precaution against a potential robbery. If I was going to rob someone’s home I would be a little more ambitious than to hunt for 30-year-old stereo equipment going for $80.

“So I have to go to storage to pick up the equipment. I want to know that you are 100% Coming by today before I go to the trouble of doing this.”

I would later find out this was bullshit.

So I drive 30 minutes to get to the corner of 131 St and Fairford, and then text the guy to let him know that I had arrived.



I’m obviously not going to win this debate so I just waited for him to come. I was beginning to wonder if he would want me to wear a blindfold and spin 10 times before directing me t his home.

As he drove by he waved at me to follow him in half a block.

“You told me you were going to text me when you were leaving the Tri Cities area.”

My reply…“Maybe it was someone else? I don’t even live in the Tri Cities area.”

“Oh. I swear that’s what you said,” he says.

This was foreshadowing to how it was all going to all make sense.

To give you a picture of how he looked liked he was a middle-aged Wigger. Baggy shorts, runners, chain around his neck and a baseball cap. He went to one of the rooms in his basement suite to get the stereo equipment which made it obvious that he didn’t just go pick it up in “storage” like he said. A few minutes later he was telling me how he just had it all plugged in last week.

He was so baffled on how he couldn’t get it all working. He put on a record but no sound was coming out.

I thought I’d give him a few minutes to figure it out before I would butt in.

“Don’t you have to connect RCA cables from the turntable to the receiver?”

He insisted it wasn’t necessary. Right then, it all made sense to me. This guy was far from being all there.

We had the vintage thing in common though. He had a rotary phone, vintage stereo equipment and vintage looking appliances. He had also just purchased an old 1980s van with a bed inside and vintage Coleman accessories. It could have been a pedophile van.

We had a laugh about how the 1980s rumour of Bon Jovi having AIDS was so widespread in the pre-internet era.

In the end we got everything working so I paid him the $80 and off I went. I hope he never goes off his meds.




2 comments on “Crazy Craigslist Seller

  1. Lousy Minx says:

    LOL @ middle-aged Wigger.


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