Bad Asian Drivers

What stops me from driving to certain places is the amount of Asian drivers that I will have to encounter in small parking lots. Indirectly, you could say they are doing their part for the environment by encouraging people to walk or take public transportation. If you could read people’s minds when they are driving behind a supposed bad driver it would say, “I bet that’s an Asian driver or an old person.”

It’s easy to think of reasons why old people can be bad drivers but I get the sense that people think Asians are just inherently bad drivers just like how they think Asians are inherently good at math. I used to think Asians were inherently bad drivers until I visited Hong Kong and rode in a taxi. Holy shit could that guy drive.

My theory is that when most Asians immigrate over to a developed country, most of them have never even driven an automobile. It’s possible they have never even ridden in one besides public buses. Learning to drive in a new country would be terrifying in those circumstances. It’s like being 30 years old and being introduced to algebra for the first time.

Being a bad Asian driver is a very similar situation to when immigrants who can’t speak English never end up learning how to because they stay in their own non-English speaking circle for their whole lives. When all of your family and friends suck at driving too, you’re likely not going to improve. To get better at something you have to try and get better. I have family members who have been driving for 30 years and they still suck at it.

It’s possible that bad Asian drivers don’t try to improve their driving because the communist genes are too deeply embedded into their DNA that getting into an accident to them means the possibility that the government will strip them of their life. They’re probably also afraid of some loud white person yelling at them.


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  1. samlobos says:

    😂 Hahahaha!

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