My Friday

When I dropped by the volunteer office the other day I was talking to a guy there about my garden and told him I would give him a zucchini when they get growing. After, I started thinking how awkward it might be having one single guy give another a giant edible green dildo. Chances are though, no one else thinks like I do.


Picture taken today

I have a new method of grilling. I use my charcoal chimney as a grill. It’s more efficient.



It’s canine safe. My dog is not that daring.


On the way to the supermarket I came across this insect. It kind of looks like that Android robot dude.


I’ve built a relationship with the guy at the meat department. He gave me a free sausage. In the spirit of free I drank the bottle of wine that was given to my mother by her coworker. If she gets home on time she might get to sample a taste. I’m a good person.


I’ll leave you with a picture of my dog. She’s so damn cute. Everything she does is cute. Do I sound annoying or what? I have to take advantage of her cuteness. Someone left her on the street. I took my shirt off to blanket her. I brought her to the vet and it costed me $5000 but it was worth it. I was willing to offer my bone marrow if it came to that. I’ll get all the bitches.


6 comments on “My Friday

  1. lisa74 says:

    5000 not 500?? Why was it so expensive?!?


  2. She is cute, and I don’t even like dogs. Looks like your zucchini is doing better than mine. I’m jealous.


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