Thoughts on the O.J. Simpson TV Series

In 1995 when the verdict of the O.J. Simpson trial was about to be announced, I clearly remember I was in grade 11 drafting class because the school administration must have decided that it would be a good idea to broadcast it through the school’s airwaves. Not guilty.

It was a double huh? for me during that one minute when I realized they were airing the verdict over the P.A. and then when the verdict was read. The O.J. case was like all those Dateline NBC murder mysteries except the mystery part.

Last night was the final episode of O.J. Simpson: Made in America which was a well-crafted series. It didn’t just focus on the case itself but also the events within the 40 years preceding the trial that may have shaped O.J.’s personality and the opinions of African Americans towards the justice system.

Before watching this series my thoughts were that his DNA being at the crime scene solidified his guilt but if the glove does not fit you must acquit. When it all started on TV with the White Ford Bronco chase it was apparent to me that he was guilty but a massive amount of people disagreed. Crowds of white and black people were cheering for him.

After the “not guilty” verdict was read they showed African Americans all over America rejoicing. Either they wholeheartedly believed he was innocent or they perceived it as a victory for African Americans.

I can understand the victory mentality but believing O.J. didn’t commit those murders is slightly delusional…I have more faith in the idea that Donald Trump should be president.


8 comments on “Thoughts on the O.J. Simpson TV Series

  1. lisa74 says:

    Trump? Pres?? I think that’s just as scary and delusional as the OJ craziness….


  2. cctyker says:

    You all seem to think the president is actually a dictator. What happened to the idea that there are three components to the nation’s government structure – judicial, congressional, and presidential. In other words there are three centers of power with individuals in each of them wanting to be powerful over us peons. Makes for great battles. Besides, there is a lot of corruption in government. Trump’s value to us is his philosophy. He is challenging the power structure that exists. Thereby, we all get to review our own concept of good government. It is interesting to note that Trump has used the current system to become a very rich man. Most people think rich people get rich by using us peons as their slaves. What’s so scary about watching each of the three groups trying to stalemate each other?
    Toodle do.

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    • MrJohnson says:

      Long time no see. Good to hear from you.
      On the contrary, I’ve always had suspicions that the president is largely just a spokesperson with some power but not all of it and maybe not even the majority. Whether or not Trump should or should not be president is debatable and can only be confirmed after the fact. For my own selfishness I enjoy the entertainment that he brings. I believe he’s only in the running based on the probability that many Americans want some kind of change, and they don’t think they will get any with the typical candidates. His lack of experience in politics, persona and outlandish ideas is what would scare me but I’m north of the border so I’m not too concerned.


  3. I remember staying up late until dawn to hear the verdict on the OJ Simpson trial and was horribly appalled by the “not guilty” statement that came from an almost all-black group of judges. I followed the story for almost a year and, like you, had been convinced he did commit the murders. He is in jail now for some robbery crime but will be subject for parole anytime soon. I hope he stays in prison forever as I detest that man for getting away with killing two totally innocent people.

    As for Trump, well, as much as I occasionally get a bit amusingly annoyed that he repeats himself in his every speech, I still adore the guy. It’s not because of his celebrity status as I was never a fan of his show. His intentions are obviously sincere and all the negative things about him are mostly magnified and twisted by the powerful LIb media. He has the potential to become a great president although his opponents will make it very difficult for him.


    • MrJohnson says:

      O.J. just couldn’t be happy that he got away with double murder. I guess he’s always had high ambition.

      This whole Trump thing makes this election about 10 times more interesting. As for being a great president, we’ll have to wait and see.


  4. I remember this to. I was a Senior in High School. I don’t remember the details but after watching the series and the Monkey Parade that it all really was and what I don’t remember as a 17 year old….what a mess is all I have to say.


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