Russell Peters Bit Comes to Life



Not the actual camera. This one is in better shape.

A few weeks back I had an old manual film camera advertised on Craigslist for $60 and someone replied to it…

looks like the grab is missing. Will pay $40 if still for sell. I have a lens. Please text me either way.

I had it advertised for a while with not much action so I decided to let it go.

An Indian guy in his late 40s or early 50s pulls up in a mid-90s Toyota Tercel, inspects the camera and begins the bargaining.

Him: Oh, I didn’t know about all these marks and dents.

Me: I mentioned it in the ad and there were pictures.

Him: How about $30?

A bunch of “no” answers followed by “c’mon” a bunch of times ensued.

He grabs my arm and tells me that I’m a nice guy. My balls shrivelled and I decided that if he got any more homosexual on me that I’d have to go for the eyes and then a palm strike to the solar plexus. It was one of those moments where I reminded myself to never be creepy around women in the future.

Him: $30 and that is my final offer.

Me: I’d rather keep it.

Him: C’mon man, I drove all the way here. Gas is expensive.

In the end he gave me $40. After the transaction I kind of regretted selling it to him because I had this fear that he would come knocking on my door in a few days asking for a return.




4 comments on “Russell Peters Bit Comes to Life

  1. I’d have paid 50. But I’d have the exchange rate on my side… I think


  2. kalyrical says:

    Haha good luck and I hope the sale was truly a sale!


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