The Great Backdoors


If you take away convenience, the day is actively taken up by just a few tasks. Without detailed retrospection the memories of igniting lumps of charcoal was a fairly quick chore but I forgot that the use of lighter fluid played a vital role.

Being a more health conscious person now, I tend to gravitate towards the more natural pathways in life. The above photo is one of success but it was probably over an hour in the making. Without YouTube it may never have even happened. Leave it to YouTube commenters to bash people giving free advice.

Nice shorts buddy.

Your method sucks!

The method I ended up using was attempting to get a few lumps lit first instead of a pyramid of 20. A few small twigs from the yard were integral.


The adventure of picking up the chicken, assembling the BBQ, getting the charcoal going, cooking and eating took up nearly 6 hours, finishing just in time to watch that new O.J. Simpson series.

The BBQ I have is sufficient to cook a meal for 4 people. I could use a BBQ half the size for myself but they don’t make loner BBQs…yet.


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