The Inheritance Factor

One of my volunteer gigs is driving old people around to wherever they need to or want to go. A client that I recently met is an 80-something-year-old lady who lives alone in a house. A few weeks back I picked up some gardening soil for her because she didn’t feel well enough to walk that day. I asked her who was going to help her with these 25 pound bags of soil and she told me one of her 30-year-old relatives would be coming by soon.

Today we went to another gardening place and she was telling me how her 50-year-old relatives were coming to her place tomorrow to hang out and sleep over. Most of the old people I have met have no one coming around except maybe the semi-annual 2 hour visit from their kids so I thought how lovely it is that she has these relatives taking a 1 hour drive just to be with her.

After leaving her place, on the way home I had this thought that these relatives have motives of being beneficiaries to her estate. I realize it sounds extremely cynical but it makes a lot of sense…to me anyway. Or maybe these relatives are just doing what family does? I just can’t bet on that after talking to all the old people I have met this year.

This old lady never had kids and I’m guessing her husband is dead. By the looks of it she can go any day now and her relatives are probably thinking the same. See, if she had kids that were still alive regardless if they came around to visit her or not, these relatives wouldn’t bother coming around because they know the kids will be entitled to the estate. But since there is no other next of kin or friends, the ravens are circling.

I could be wrong and an asshole for even thinking like this but people are capable of anything when it comes to large sums of money especially if they don’t have a whole lot and very especially if they are 50 years old and don’t have a whole lot. During our conversation she told me about the house that she is living in that she bought in 1974 for $29,000 that is now worth $1.5-1.8 million. I believe the woman across the street is avoiding me because of the $55 she owes me, and she drives a Lexus.



4 comments on “The Inheritance Factor

  1. kalyrical says:

    Haha oh man I have a story of the extent of what family would do for the inheritance. But I have to leave you hanging cause I vowed never to speak of it. In short, people can be aholes :/


    • MrJohnson says:

      Yeah, I’ve heard a few horror stories.

      “I get more because I mowed their lawn for 5 years!”

      “You get less because you lived with them longer!”

      My old manager told me how most people in their 50s and above are banking on their inheritance.


  2. Mr.Johnsons' Cousin says:

    Maybe if you spend enough time with her she will feel sorry for you and help you out a bit out.


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