Old News

Not too long ago I acquired some hockey card sets through Craigslist for next to nothing. This guy had 40 of the same set among other sets. Just like anything else that gets hyped, hockey cards plummeted in value after it’s short-lived run during the early 1990s. He was hoping to sit on a goldmine but his money would have been better invested in a nice toilet.


$3 for the whole set

Often people will put little bumpers in the boxes so that the cards will not move around. This guy used bunched up newspaper. My curiosity had me unravel it to see what was happening in the news that day. Charlotte, North Carolina? I’m all the way in western Canada!



I found it interesting how the headlines in 1990 were not so different from somewhat current ones…War in Iraq, North Carolina, gay rights. For some reason the lesbian’s face got ripped out.


2 comments on “Old News

  1. Lousy Minx says:

    That lesbian is probably dead now. R.I.P.


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