Dwarfing Sadness

The other day I saw an unhealthy looking Asian dwarf at the supermarket. It made me feel slightly better about my life for about 15 seconds. He could be a happier person than I though because I suspect a dwarf has lower expectations regardless of how ambitious they are. I wonder if female dwarfs look unfavourably towards short male dwarfs as mates.

In the spirit of feeling good due to other people’s unfortunate circumstances, I went for a long walk today even though it was windy and pelting rain. Walks are good and home will be more appreciated after enduring a couple hours of crappy weather.

To give myself a destination I headed to the bullion store but they were sold out of the silver bar that I wanted. Not one to embrace disappointment I extended the adventure by taking the train to their other location.


In the tail end of my journey I stopped off at A&W hoping they would accept my expired coupon for a discounted burger and onion rings.

“Oh..this is expired.”

“Can I get the deal anyway?”


“Can you give me a new set of coupons? I lost the new ones.”

“We don’t give out coupons.”

“Can I use your employee discount?”

“Sorry, I can’t do that.”

“How much is the regular price?


What the. For a burger and onion rings from a fast food joint that seemed pretty pricey but maybe that’s the norm these days. I walked out but I really wanted a Teen Burger and onion rings so I resorted to searching the internet for coupons. My other idea was to harass patrons coming out of the restaurant for coupons but I’m not at that level of shamelessness yet.

On the internet I found a coupon but not as good as the one I hoped for but still a coupon. I went back in to put in my order. He probably thought I was a cheapskate when I paid with a $100 bill. All that just to save $4. I won though, right?


I’m home now after a 17 km(roughly 10 miles) walk and I feel great even with the fast food sludge in my body.



5 comments on “Dwarfing Sadness

  1. Sounds like a productive day to me! I didn’t get out of bed today.


  2. This cracks me up. But now, I imagine the courting and mating rituals of dwarfs. It’s just stuck in my head. Ehhhh….


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