The Outside Prison

When I was a kid I thought being a police officer automatically meant you were a good guy and that if you smoked anything you were bad. I guess when you believe in Santa Claus anything you believe can be inaccurate.

Prison: a state of confinement or captivity.

When I think of prison I think of the inside of a concrete cell, housing a bunk bed, holding two men who are part of life’s undesirables.

In a more general sense, prison is just a place that you have to be at when you would rather be somewhere else doing something else.

Some say their job is like a prison and others would argue that it isn’t because you get paid for being there and you get to leave. Okay, but while you are there it is like a prison if you don’t want to be there.

If your prison sentence was only a week or two long it could be seen as an interesting spiritual retreat if you didn’t have to worry about getting shanked in the gut or up the butt. It’s only the longer term sentences that are really daunting.

Some prisoners accept their life sentence to make the time easier. When breaking out or early parole doesn’t seem to be a possibility you become that person who taps out and decides they are a lifer at their career.

On the outside your hard time may be less severe and conjugal visits more frequent but you can still be as much of a prisoner on the outside.


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