First Job of the Year

There’s this part of the real estate industry called ‘staging’ which entails setting up the seller’s home to appear more desirable. I know that you’re supposed to make your place look decent when you are trying to sell it but I didn’t know people went to such great lengths to do so.

A person from the volunteer organization asked if I was interested in helping her with staging for a couple of days. She told me she spent $1000 on housewares and bedding which made me wonder how much this gig was worth. With a business partner to split the pay with, my probable small compensation in comparison, and free meals for 2 days I was figuring there was a sizeable amount of money for her to be made.

Internet searches are often spawned from curiosity and one website said that staging usually costs between $3000 – $5000. Whether it’s worth it or not for the seller is only for the gods to know. I always thought as long no one sees your frozen heads and your dirty underwear is not hanging on the coat hangers, your home is sufficient for potential buyers to view. I suppose some people looking to buy a home lack an imagination and need the potential of a home to be shown to them.

Besides the amount of hours I spent, I didn’t really do much to earn my $200. Most of my importance was being an extra set of hands and providing assistance when 2 middle-aged Asian women need it the most…lifting items over 20 pounds. They didn’t really need my help but I guess there was a lot of room in the budget so they figured why not.

Having all my ideas rejected and getting bossed around made me wonder if this was what years of marriage was like. Yesterday she had plans to drag me back there today to use a stud finder to hang a picture so I just pretended I found the stud by knocking on the wall. I really hope it doesn’t fall.



4 comments on “First Job of the Year

  1. People do crazy, stupid shit (like have stagers) when they have too much money. That’s just my personal opinion


  2. Staging is the most effective marketing tool home sellers have. It shows off the home in the best light possible, so that buyers can visualize themselves living there. According to current stats, professional staging adds between 5-20% to a home’s value and we see this everyday! It’s a price war & beauty pageant out there!


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