The Messiness of Healthiness

Daily Prompt: Health
We treat health like how professional athletes treat money…we think it will never run out. When it does we end up sounding like old people giving advice to young whippersnappers.

Without the healthometer being invented yet it’s difficult to decipher what is healthy and what is not. One alcoholic drink a day doesn’t sound so bad but maybe it is if you have wussy genetics.

In 2016 there’s still people out there who think smoking cigarettes has no potential for ill effects on your health. Nonsense, my grandfather smoked his whole life and he died at 80. They like to believe that one has no control over how long or healthy they live so that they can do whatever they want. Ignorance is bliss.

If you wanted to be 99% geared towards a healthy life you would have to get yourself into a Buddhist monk monastery but then there’s the theory one’s life is shortened when void of fun.

There’s a good percentage of people who believe their unhealthy lifestyle may be the end of them but their motto is that they don’t want to live a life of resistance having to restrict stimulation or comfort. They want to enjoy their life.

Once both extremes are explored we often decide moderation is the key except that we tend to eat potato chips moderately every day. If we do end up with health issues we want to believe we didn’t do it to ourselves and that by being more conscious of our health during our lifetime wouldn’t have been a life worth living.

Taking care of your health is good for you but so damn boring. Bad health isn’t so bad except when you have to live and suffer from it. Unfortunately, we never go from healthy to dead. We usually have to suffer before we are rewarded with death.


6 comments on “The Messiness of Healthiness

  1. “We” are generalizing too much. Speak for yourself. I live as healthy a life as possible in this TV-addicted society. I spent all day outside scratching in the dirt with my chickens, planting and potting herbs and vegetables. I still have to wash and hang the stevia up to dry.

    I’m so sore I probably will have to sleep late in the morning, now that I’m retired and don’t need meds to help me sleep.


    • MrJohnson says:

      You may have been part of team “we” at some point of your life and if not you still have a chance. Give into the ice-cream man once and you could be trampling over your cilantro and rosemary plants for the rest of the summer to catch him every day. And how do you know your chickens didn’t give you bird flu today? 🙂

      Having your own chickens is rad though. I want some but my lot isn’t legally big enough.

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      • I love ice cream, especially in summer, and especially with cantaloupe. I’m trying to grow cantaloupe now, but all the deer and other animals like them too much.

        I have an even more rad idea than chickens for you. Maybe even a business idea: breeding scarlet king snakes. They eat mice, rats, and other snakes, including copperheads, rattlesnakes, and coral snakes. They’re the ones that look like the deadly coral snakes, except kings have red is between black lines rather than yellow lines. Scarlet king snakes are non-poisonous and immune to other snake venom. They are beautiful, docile, easy to keep, and make great pets, even for apartment dwellers. The are the ideal eco-friendly solution to the urban rat problem. I can see you now renting “Rex the Rat Eater” to your neighbors.


        • MrJohnson says:

          I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t like ice-cream but I’m sure there is someone besides the lactose intolerants. There’s really no substitute for ice-cream.

          I don’t think most snakes do so well in this climate. But yes, that would be rad! People in the neighbourhood though would probably rather stick with cats for their rat troubles.


  2. bberns27 says:

    So important to watch our health. I get so frustrated especially with those that dont realize that their unhealthy decisions affect others. like smokers. and parents that raise their children to have such terrible habits. I am trying to combat this. I post about this in my blog. feel free to check it out. i am subscribing to yours in hopes of more posts like this


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