May Day Rambling


I pointed at one of the bicycles on the highest rack and asked the skinny, 5’4″ Asian clerk if I could get a closer look at it. He looked up and then looked back at me with a worried face.

“I’m just kidding”


There seems to be at least some success so far in my vegetable garden. At the moment there’s some confusion as to what are weeds and what are going to be vegetables. Being a slack off beginner gardener I didn’t mark down what I planted or where. I know the ones in the above picture though are from cabbage seeds.

I was going to watch Captain America in theatres today because it’s cheap Tuesday but naptime trumps all. Having caught up on sleep reminded me how much brighter the world is when you’re not operating on a sleep deficit. Captain America can save the world next week.



5 comments on “May Day Rambling

  1. Ha ha ha. I miss naps


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