Breaking the Cycle

Daily Prompt: Sacrifice


If you want to separate from people all you have to do is give up or do something that they aren’t willing to tolerate. They say food brings people together but if you become a vegan or anorexic you probably won’t be together. Bulimia may keep your membership valid though.

A few years ago I became curious on how it might feel like to be on a healthier diet so I gave up grains, wheat and almost everything else. All I ate primarily were vegetables, fruits and meat. That regular Saturday afternoon invite to lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant ceased. No one is going to give up flavoured carbs in exchange for your company.

The change in diet changed my life. The protruding gut diminished, regular stomach aches were non-existent and I no longer felt like sludge. To hit the nail in the coffin a little more I decided that I would implement a healthy sleeping schedule. People who are not yet married with kids like to go out and eat, and stay out late and drink alcohol. My new rule was to be in bed before 11 PM no matter what. Free ticket to a rave, free booze…nope, I’m going home. 

As humans still operating on primitive wiring there’s often much resistance to committing to actions that may oust us from the tribe. A group of people just like a company do not care about the individuals. It functions to make the individuals care about the needs of the group.

I’m no longer on a restrictive diet but the healthier eating and sleeping habits have solidified a place in my life. I just can’t bring myself to shove 4 doughnuts down my mouth in one sitting like before. I miss those days though.



2 comments on “Breaking the Cycle

  1. Wanda says:

    Oh, I miss donuts. I don’t eat them anymore though because they’re my kryptonite. Your comment about Bulimia had me cracking up laughing in the first paragraph. I have no idea why, it just struck me as funny. Now people with Bulimia will hate me. Sorry, not sorry.

    Liked by 1 person

    • MrJohnson says:

      I’m glad it struck you as funny because that was my intent. Sometimes my humour can be a bit a

      Donuts are so visually appealing as well. I have them once in a while but only one. Not four!

      Liked by 1 person

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