Betting On Hope

Daily Prompt: Hope
In your youth anything seems possible because of lack of experience and the denial that the life you dread is an impossibility. The notion that you won’t be broke and lonely is based off you not wanting it to happen, and nothing else.

Hope carries a positive connotation but it is more a product of fear and desperation rather than optimism. When your happiness is riding on hope which is riding on luck, often it’s like banking on winning the lottery. The lottery is for people who have ran out of options to escape the life they are living.

In a long enough timeline anything seems possible because even a blind squirrel can find a nut sometimes. With the diminishing of time, hope follows the same path. Time heals all wounds they say, but it also shrinks the feeling of opportunity.

When the pain is too much and the future conceivably will not provide a cure or even an opiate of hope, that is when you decide to miserably accept your existence or expedite yourself to the obituary.




5 comments on “Betting On Hope

  1. I hope that as you get older, the things you hope for will change to become more realistically achievable. The examples you use–not to be lonely or broke–are indeed expressions of fear, not hope. My version of hope is associated with applied effort, as in hoping for return on invested time or energy. In general terms, I hope to be able to handle whatever comes up.


    • MrJohnson says:

      It’s a fine line between hope and blind faith. I’m not sure what is realistic or not with how mysterious the world can be. Although I can be cynical, I like to believe that if I’m feeling good about something it means something. And yes, effort makes a difference in realizing our hopes. Once you give up or stop believing, it’s over.

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      • Not to worry. Life is long. There’s always time to change beliefs and hopes, as I have done many times.

        There’s also the danger of getting what you want, too, and realizing it wasn’t what you “hoped” it would be, but you’re trapped in the reality of what it is.

        It helps if you believe in reincarnation or some kind of immortality. I’m reaching the point of believing I can put off until my next life what I don’t accomplish in this one. If I’m wrong, who’s to know?


        • MrJohnson says:

          Yes, isn’t that the age old story? Something not turning out how you hoped it would or it did but the feelings changed.

          I agree, believing in an afterlife or higher power helps. I don’t know if that’s possible for me. And yeah, if you end up being wrong there’s no opportunity to feel like a fool.

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          • I decided at age 13 that it makes practical sense to believe in an afterlife of some sort. If more people believed in karmic retribution (something more expansive than the trite notions of heaven and hell), they might take more responsibility for their behavior in this life.

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