Life and Old People

Life messes with your head when you’re not getting the stimulation that you expect. To live out the majority of your days repeating what was done 28 of the last 30 days feels like a life only fit for robots. Primitive wiring tells you that you need to do something quick because you might die tomorrow. Unfortunately, life is rarely that exciting. We’ve managed to ensure a high likelihood that we’ll be around longer than we really want to…it’s a cruel trick that we’ve played on ourselves. At least the ones who profit from incontinence underwear have something to smile about.

Who would have seen the day when people are more of a problem than a resource. Up until recent history there was a real issue with not dying and infant mortality. Now we have problems with unwanted pregnancies, people in the prime of their lives who have no real purpose in life, old people who can’t wait to die and people in their 50s who can’t wait for old people to die so that they can get their inheritance. Old people hang on to all of their money until death so that it will ensure their ‘loved ones’ won’t ditch them. I wonder how many adult children witnessed their last parent dying of a heart attack and only pretended to call emergency services. It’s only been 30 minutes mom. Just close your eyes and they will be here soon.




10 comments on “Life and Old People

  1. Mr. Johnsons' Cousin says:

    Your mom would be worried for both you and herself, if she ever read and understood your blog.


  2. vtaluna says:

    My dad used to say, “you can’t take it with you. I’ve never seen a uhaul behind a hearse”, and “I’m gonna die at my debt limit.” He passed in 2005 and didn’t.

    I love seeing people who love life at any age. I want a sip of that KoolAid.


  3. LoL.
    You are one hell of the writter Sire 😉

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  4. It occurs to me that salaried jobs and retirement are relatively new concepts, evolving with the industrial age and assembly-line labor. Before that, there was no set age for retirement, and old people were appreciated for their varied skills and experience (presumably).

    Our society has fallen into the rigidity of too much structure. It stifles creativity and initiative, such that people are compartmentalized by age, credentials, or other superficial attributes that hide strengths and unique talents.

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    • MrJohnson says:

      Yeah, I guess retirement really only came about when life expectancy kept rising. An old person didn’t even live to be that old during that time. During a time with no internet and less advanced technology, old people must have been much more appreciated.

      Creativity is largely smushed in grade school when they tell kids what they should be doing and thinking. When you don’t fit the mold you get told you’re going to be nothing and that idea can follow the kid into adulthood. For future generations I think schools will lean towards working with the strengths and unique talents of kids rather than pushing them all in one direction.

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