Annoying Dog Owners

Some people strive to have a closer relationship with God. Some people unexpectedly become best friends with their dog. This dog has been the main bitch in my life. I walk her, bathe her, feed her, rinse her bum and talk to her like she has an idea what I’m even saying. Oh you’re so cute you.

I thought I headed to the park late enough for the usual dog walking gang to be back home but it wasn’t so. I had no choice but to merge in with them.

It’s annoying when you’re stuck with parents talking about their kids in detail.

Today, Jayden smiled every time he took a sip of his orange juice. He doesn’t like too much pulp.

Haha…Sarah does that too but only when she is watching The Power Puff Girls.

Dog owners are no different especially if the ones who never had kids and use their dog as a substitute.

I can’t say ‘walk’ in front of Pookie otherwise he’ll get all excited. 

She even knows when we spell the word out. We have to use code words in front of Zola. 

If you say so but dogs are pretty dumb. People like to think their dogs are so smart. Maybe, but only compared to a dog that is really retarded. My dog is a bona fide idiot. She is cute though, I’ll give her that.




9 comments on “Annoying Dog Owners

  1. Who’s the smartest one in the household? What does that say about you?

    As I tell my cat, “Next lifetime, I get to be the cat.”


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