Dog Park Encounters

“So weird. She never chases and barks at strangers.” That was supposed to be my cue to tell him that I’ve met his dog and his girlfriend before. I didn’t though because that would be normal. Plus I figured it was more amusing this way. That was a few days ago.

Today at the same park she asks, “was that you………….?”

“Yeah that was me.”

I thought about bringing up the subject on why I was so mysterious but I didn’t. I’m sure she went home and discussed it with her partner. What else do people in long-term relationships do besides talk about every little thing that is more exciting than the colour of their couch.

We did a few laps around the track with our dogs and got to know each other a little more. She told me how she got left back a grade in high school, messed up financially in her early adult years because she had too much fun. In other words she got herself in debt, drank a lot of booze and had a lot of sex with Van Halen cassette tapes playing in the background.

I’m getting slightly better at pretending that I care what people think about me. I didn’t say I was jobless, unemployed or not working. “I’m taking a break from work right now.” Sounds more socially polite, right?

Soon their whole group will know of me because the village loves to gossip. I’ll be the Asian guy with the small white dog who has no job and lives with his mother.

They have a dog group thing going on at that local park. She asked me to join their Facebook group. I like her and I’m sure the rest of them are nice enough but I don’t think I want membership at this time.




5 comments on “Dog Park Encounters

  1. That sounds like a big commitment. Take your time. Get to know them.


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