Bums and Panhandling Kids

I was going to title this post, “Bums and Kids” but it sounded too child pornographyish.

Two kids just rang my doorbell looking for donations for their elementary school. I told them I didn’t have a job. Why did I have to be that honest? I just can’t help myself. I felt a little bad rejecting a couple prepubescent girls but they are the equivalent to panhandlers except with parents. At least offer me a box of overpriced chocolates.

There’s an East Indian guy around my age who hangs out at the McDonald’s by here looking for spare change. I’m pretty sure he has a home so this McDonald’s gig is like his day job. I haven’t given him any money yet either.

At that same strip mall I have to constantly give the finger to the Girl Scouts, Air Cadets and Girls Softball League. Why? So you can have fun?

I used to have my own bum in my old area. His name was Al and he lived behind a retail outlet by the railroad tracks. We frequented the same businesses in the area…McDonald’s, supermarket, liquor store, gas station. The first time I met him he tried to pull a fast one on me. I gave him $1 and he asked for a couple more for bus fare to get to where he needed to go. I didn’t think the bus was equipped with shopping cart accessibility. Al was an old guy who looked for empty bottles all day so I didn’t mind giving him a couple bucks.

When I had a job I was always in uniform which made me a prime target for panhandlers. Nothing says ‘job’ like a uniform and company vehicle with a corporate logo. A common strategy for panhandlers is to sell you a line because just asking for spare change doesn’t tug on any heartstrings.

Some ask for money for food but when you offer to buy them food they refuse or look very disappointed. Must be some well-fed bums out there or they’re so used to not eating that they don’t even have to eat anymore.

I’ve had 2 separate old Chinese guys ask me for money, panicking about locking their keys in their car and having no cell phone. They tricked me both times.

If homeless people had more energy and means they would advocate for the political incorrectness of the term ‘bum.’





5 comments on “Bums and Panhandling Kids

  1. I feel sorry for them, but the government steals so much from me to pay the bureaucrats that the homeless people have no place to go except the streets and jail. If we could fire and evict some bureaucrats, we could provide dormitory-style housing for the homeless.

    I agree with you about those kids asking for money. They are being led into a trap, asking for money instead of earning it by selling some useful product or service.


    • MrJohnson says:

      The homeless situation seems like a complicated issue or no one cares enough. It’s a shitty situation to be in.

      All that those kids had going for them were that they were kids. I’m sure they scored some donations though. What happened to bake sales?

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      • What we need is leadership from our self-styled role models. Have you looked at the size of school grounds lately? The ones in Savannah span whole housing developments, size-wise, yet they are empty between 3 p.m. and 7 a.m. Why are we letting these valuable public assets be so underutilized? Why aren’t neighbohoods banding together to take over and revitalize the schools and public parks, on weekends and at night? Grow food, have picnic tables and badminton? These people don’t know how to live and trust the government too much to teach them how.


  2. Wanda says:

    Yesterday an older woman approached me as I was coming out of a restaurant with my friend. She asked if we could help her, but then she didn’t elaborate on what kind of help she needed. There was this weird, awkward pause. So I asked her what kind of help she needed, and she said, “Oh, well money for food and things.” I had two dollars cash on me and offered it to her, and then she said, “Is that all?” LOL! So I said, “I’m willing to give you my last two dollars and that’s not good enough for you?” I then watched her walk through the entire parking lot stopping people who were walking to their cars. I keep wondering how much she made and what she used it for. I don’t mind helping people who are truly in need, but I don’t like to be conned, and I hate being ambushed in public like that.


    • MrJohnson says:

      $2 is the most I give usually. We have $2 and $1 coins up here. Some people go for gold and ask for $5 or $10.

      “Is that all?” HA! I wonder if it’s part of her strategy.

      Some panhandlers apparently make some decent money. I don’t want to give any money to someone who panhandles more than I make at a job. Yeah,being conned is a bad feeling. Sometimes it’s funny though after the fact.

      There’s some homeless people though that go through dumpsters and garbage cans but won’t ask for change or even look people in the eye hoping for sympathy. They’ll take money if you offer it to them but they won’t ask. I admire their character.

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