Cheers to Monday


Regular working stiffs celebrate on Friday so as a glitch in the matrix I celebrate on Mondays when most people are at their most miserable. Misery loves company, that’s why I’m alone.

Top of the late morning had me stumble upon a proper blog starring an Asian fellow in his late 30’s aspiring to retire by the age of 40. He was one of those stereotypical Asians with education and a good career but then became Amercanized and said, fuck it. He somehow convinced his wife to keep working while he does the SAHD thing and works on his blog. Go brotha! I’m painting you the wrong impression though. It appears he has his shit together.

I’m living the retired life right now. Lounging in my backyard with an imported beer and a cheap cigar. Many might be thinking, you’re laughing now but just wait. To that I say, you could be right. I have no delusions on how reality can often work out. Today though, I’m adopting the philosophy of all those great spiritual frauds on being in the present.



5 comments on “Cheers to Monday

  1. Damn there are days I miss being unemployed


  2. I’m with you in spirit, brother. I get just enough in Social Security to pay taxes, so it’s a wash. Free time is the best time of all, and I can spend it enjoying what I’ve worked for.


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