Hanging with Old People

In about an hour I have to meet up with another volunteer at a supermarket to deliver groceries to old people. I’ve never met this guy so I’m not looking forward to the conversation of “so what do you do?” I’m also not looking forward to be entertaining for the purpose of avoiding awkward silence.

He’s like 70 which probably means I’m going to get some old guy lecture. He likely knows a bit about me from talking to other volunteers as I know a bit about him. In his working years he held a position close to the status of being the mayor of the city. It’s good to tell people that you have no job so that there’s a chance they can help you find something to do. It’s my way of networking.

When you’re wearing a uniform it’s a sign of employment telling people you have a job and you’re not looking for another one. It’s like trying to meet women when your wife is always around.

I’m sure he’s more fun than the other old guy who has a 10 and 2 eagle’s grip on the steering wheel at all times. He feels guilty or embarrassed when he laughs like it’s some kind of perverted sin.

As long as no one has a heart attack today I’ll consider it a good day. Wish me luck.



4 comments on “Hanging with Old People

  1. Good luck. It’s always a good day when your senior citizen doesn’t die.


  2. Jenna says:

    When I was unemployed I used to tell people I was looking for my next dare-to-be-great opportunity. And sometimes, old people can surprise you 🙂


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