French Toast…Part II

It’s a gloomy day with light showers and gusts of wind but not having a job to suck the life from you keeps your energy and morale high. On my way to the supermarket I thought about how ridiculous it seemed to walk 4 kilometres in this weather to buy one whole loaf of bread just to make French toast for myself. Then I remembered that the more torturous the journey the greater the victory will feel. A real man treks home alone with a loaf of French bread in one arm and a package of name brand 2 ply toilet paper in the other.


2 thick slices of bread, grated cinnamon, 1 large egg, a bit of cream…mix and fry in butter




Tasted pretty damn good. Better than how mama makes them. If I had kids I would be making this for them all the time. I would tell them not to put so much maple syrup on and they will ask me, why? Then I would tell them, because I fucking said so!

Mr Johnson..the greatest food blogger ever.




13 comments on “French Toast…Part II

  1. Mr. Johnsons' Cousin says:

    Tell them it’s not cheap and that you are, and that it will come out of their allowances.

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  2. Wanda says:

    2-ply toilet paper? Really? LOL!!!


  3. Wanda says:

    And you’re correct, two ply is the standard. But three ply is sooooo much better and doesn’t cost much more.


  4. lisa74 says:

    And did you freeze the bread?!? That’s what I do…


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