Mondays Don’t Suck


There’s leftover crab from last night’s Chinese restaurant patronage which will go well with beer. I haven’t drank any alcohol in 3 months because as an unemployed person wanting to find a new way of living, I didn’t believe I deserved to drink alcohol. It’s some kind of leftover Asian shame.

There were times during this new phase of my life that left me wondering why I felt so unoccupied in the evenings and then I realized it was probably because I didn’t have a bottle of wine to keep me company like I almost always did before. Being drunk is an effective past time.

In keeping with the spirit with enjoying life on days when most employed people cannot, I bought 2 pints of beer today. One to accompany me while I blog and the other while I eat crab. Life could be worse.


5 comments on “Mondays Don’t Suck

  1. DRAGONE says:

    I’m envious!


  2. Jenna says:

    Oh yum. Enjoy!


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