Moving Away From People…Part 2

A couple days ago I did my taxes online for the third year in a row. Unless if your taxes are really complicated, it’s difficult to find reasons to pay way more for a person to do them. The cost for filing my taxes online was either free or best offer. I paid them $10.

Some people, especially older people would oppose this new way of doing business, arguing that it’s ruining society. It’s another case of technology replacing people.

For over a decade a friend used to do my taxes for me for no charge until I decided I wanted to minimize communication with friends. Perhaps if this technology did not exist and I was really poor, I would have continued to get my taxes done through him and life would be different. It kind of goes to show how much of human relationships are based on selfish needs and wants. Once they make really advanced virtual girlfriends, men won’t go near the rat race if there is one by then.

When I submitted my taxes, it brought me to a screen offering a discount on a legal will that could be done online. It was at least 50% cheaper than going through the present day conventional methods. I was tempted because it was less than $30 but I don’t own a fortune and if I’m not working for a couple more years then I might not even have any underwear to give away.

There have always been people who support a dying cause because it’s what they are used to or it’s part of their livelihood. I can see the logic behind supporting humans over technology but I don’t think anyone is going to stop the technological train from doing its thing.

I don’t know if technology is ruining society or if it’s just changing it. The masses resisting technological advancement is as likely as them getting up to manually change the TV channel instead of using the remote. They can try but sooner or later their brain is going to say, this is stupid.


5 comments on “Moving Away From People…Part 2

  1. I am kind of one of those “technology s ruining the world” people. I’m not so far gone that I will get off my butt and manually change the tv, but I really don’t like that people can’t tell me a phone number because It’s saved under a name. I also HATE the new chip reader in the credit cards, and I despise the fact that they are creating cars that will drive for you!!! I’m getting crotchety in my old age lmao… oh and the music sucks šŸ™‚


    • MrJohnson says:

      If you believe people and having as much of their capabilities put to use are forever the most important part of this world than yes, technology is ruining the world. But we’re just so damn inferior to technology.

      There’s no stopping the self-driving cars if they prove to be way safer. I’m sure someone will try to sabotage them with some

      What do you not like about chip readers in credit cards? The music does suck today!

      In the future our generation is going to be viewed as how we view cavemen.

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      • I hate the chips because I’m getting to old! “Can’t teach an old dog” theory… I overheard a news story about a self driving car crashing into a bus today!..

        I just think that the same thing as with our ability to remember phone numbers, will happen with all things… we will slowly forget how to “live” and operate because things will be doing these things for us… and then on fateful day, it’ll stop and no one will know what to do…..


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