Poorly Designed People

Items made in China are often thought of as being bad quality because the end product does not match up to expectations or is not comparable to others that are readily available. It’s not so much about where something was made but instead how it was made.

We see people every day and have the expectation that they at least came from the same factory we did. Every box that can be considered a home is a different factory with different workers and with different rules. Some of these places produce high quality people and others make only street worthy ones that don’t stand much of a chance with the herd.

No one wants that piece of shit car that can’t even bribe its way to a decent consumer review. You can’t blame the car though. The work wasn’t put in, the right materials were not used and the knowledge of good quality engineering might not have been available. Woe is Ford Pinto who never had a chance of being a Benz.


Credit: Internet


11 comments on “Poorly Designed People

  1. Oh I like this very much! I’m content being a reliable Ford Fiesta on the outside – with a porche engine on the inside 😊


  2. I don’t know what car I would call myself, at this point I am still being worked on… I am, however, trying to produce a few high quality models with all the bells and whistles.


  3. Jenna says:

    It could also be the theories and engineering and materials were sound, but in the end, the execution was poor.


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