Suckers for Entertainment

Outside of our jobs, life seems to largely revolve around entertainment. Many jobs even are part of the entertainment industry. Back in the Roman Empire days, it’s said that “the games” that took place at the Colosseum were to keep the people happy.

It’s not so much different today where we have the internet, TV, phones and places to occupy our idle time. We live for scandals, celebrity gossip and big headlines. We’ve sent the message that we want to be entertained by using our dollar, views and likes.

I’m not into politics and I don’t have an opinion unlike many others on whether or not Donald Trump would make a decent president or not but I can tell you for entertainment purposes, Donald is your man. This makes me wonder if even the presidency is somewhat rigged for the sake of entertainment. I’m not even an American but for the first time it has me slightly interested.

Being the first somewhat black president, Obama was good for entertainment as well. If Hilary wins, being the first female president would be much more interesting than some regular looking old white guy. It would just be odd if another Bush won.

I never watch the Oscars but with the combination of the whole racism controversy and Chris Rock being the host, they got me. I watched his opening act which I thought was decent but not great, then two award acceptances which were boring as plane crackers. I should change the channel just to take one viewer away from their ratings.

Our want for easy entertainment can make people famous for nothing. Take a giant grainy penis inside of you and somehow millions of people idolize you and watch your show about nothing.



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