Wednesday Diary

I ordered a new phone through online chat support today. I inquired and “Damien” made me an offer I could barely refuse. I’m not the least bit excited but if you’re going to have a cell phone you’d might as well take advantage of getting a free one when you can.

About a year ago a girl working at a cell phone store mocked me because my phone was “3 generations behind.” Oh the horror. When I get a new phone I’m already 1 generation behind because I always get last year’s model. I’m not lining up on opening day at the Apple Store unless if their new model cooks me lunch.

After my big business deal I dropped off some vegetarian take-out food to an old, disabled lady which may or may not have inspired my vegan lunch.


1 small/medium crown of raw broccoli, brown rice, 1 avocado and homemade salsa. If they served this at a restaurant or supermarket it would probably be labeled as a salad. I harmonized the meal with a plant-based drink of green tea that I sipped while in the lotus position.

I took the dog for a nice walk and the first thing it does when we get home is take a giant whiz on the floor. What a loser. Then again why should I have such high expectations. I’m going to attempt to take a nap now.




8 comments on “Wednesday Diary

  1. tinypore1 says:

    You are back!!! I was a little concerned about the tone of your last few blogs. Even though I I love your fearless style, it seemed like you were in pain. Again, you made me laugh out loud! You are very talented, keep it up. Love your edge!


    • MrJohnson says:

      Yeah, my erratic blog posts cause worry to some readers sometimes. I’m sure many have stopped reading because of it. I assure you I am always okay(for the most part). No pain, no gain? Thank you for leaving your thoughts and your kind words.


  2. I bet it tastes really good too!


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