Moving Away From People

It’s difficult for people to envision a life that has never existed yet. Even when cell phones and the internet were widely available, most people didn’t see the smartphone coming with all of its capabilities. Most of us unconsciously believe that in 50-100 years from now the norm will still be people going to go to school, working jobs and having kids like we’ve been doing for a “long time.”

Maybe that will still be the scenario but it’s very possible it won’t be. The evolution of life seems to involve trying to get away from people. We started out as massive tribes but the more developed a nation becomes the less people want to reproduce. Humans used to depend entirely on being with groups of people to survive the day to day life but now we see more people as parasites that take away from our existence. Who lives in a home with more than 5 people these days?

If you think about bringing a life into this world you probably think about the chances of your offspring living a decent life. Depending on who you are or where you are, a “decent life” for your kid will have different meanings. For First World inhabitants I think in general it means a life where you think happiness is very possible.

With the way that life is going, I don’t know if many people will continue to believe that the person they bring into this world will be thankful for being born. With more competition for jobs, technology replacing people, availability of cheap labour, dwindling resources and a higher cost of living, life is looking more grim for the ones who aren’t super motivated and ambitious.

I guess there are still reasons to bring new people into this world even if they are doomed to live a horrid life. Who’s going to wipe your ass when you’re old and change your incontinence underwear? Then again there will probably be robots to do that job with a smile. I’m going to program mine to call me “Master.”




7 comments on “Moving Away From People

  1. Mr. Johnsons' Cousin says:

    Hopefully you will be able to afford a robot.


  2. BerLinda says:

    Ha ha! I would be Mistress Berlinda 😉


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