Blasting Off with a Pot Cookie

I was advised to only eat half a pot cookie so I ate one whole one. The world of marijuana edibles is fairly new to me but I know two important rules. The first rule is…don’t eat too much. What’s too much? That’s the tricky part because everyone has a different tolerance and reaction to different substances. Plus when you are dealing with homemade marijuana edibles the amount of active ingredient is unknown.

When I first started feeling the effects it was tolerable but as time went on the effects became more intense to the point of borderline psychosis. Every negative thought that exists in my brain was magnified to dangerous levels. If I wasn’t conscious of the second rule of ingesting edibles I could have done something stupid like call emergency services or jump off a building. Rule #2 is to know that the craziness will pass and everything will be okay.

I went to a place hoping for a mild to warm climate with calm conditions but I got caught up in a tornado. I don’t want to go there again.



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