Smartphone Detox

If you want to hear complaints about smartphones just hang out with some old people for a while. Perhaps the only difference between an addiction to smartphones and smoking cigarettes is that there isn’t any overwhelming scientific studies available that indicate smartphones are bad for your health. Old people hate smartphones mostly because they have little use for them.

A couple of weeks ago I entertained the idea of taking a sabbatical from my smartphone because I dislike my addiction to it. I call it an addiction because I reach for my phone at times when I have no reason to. It’s like smoking cigarettes in that many times when you light one up it’s because you’re bored and also want to satisfy the urge for physical movement without looking silly. A person who idly stands around looks misplaced and vulnerable.

My journey to detox from the intelligent device failed in about 20 minutes at a large retail store when I used the camera to take a photo of instructions and again when I used the app “Shazam” to recognize the song playing from the ceiling. Obviously the cold turkey method was not the way.

The thought of just using one of those mentally retarded cell phones came to mind but those old phones have shitty cameras. I just can’t get away from wanting to have high definition camera capabilities on me wherever I go. Last night I restrategized and formed a new method of attack. I turned off the internet access on my phone and decided that I won’t switch it on unless I need to. Sounds like a weak plan, I know. But I’ve decided and once I make a decision I give it an honest effort.

This morning was the first in a few years that the first thing I didn’t do was reach for my phone. If I want to check something I’ll do it the old fashion way by waiting until I am at home, walking to my computer and pressing buttons. Maybe I’ll start wearing a wrist watch too.


10 comments on “Smartphone Detox

  1. I feel you. Also like cigarette addiction, when I am with a group of people and they’ve all got their phones out, I have an overwhelming urge to check mine as well. Even though I know I won’t have any messages and, unlike them, won’t have anything to respond to. But I’m not going as far as you – I just want to get through a 90 minute movie without checking my phone.


    • MrJohnson says:

      Haha ya, you don’t need messages to make it look like you’re looking at something useful. For all we know everyone is just cleaning their screens with their thumb. I hate checking my phone during a movie. It’s just so unnecessary and takes away from the movie.


  2. I have a slidey phone. It sets me apart from the hipsters.


  3. Jatinder says:

    As a smartphone detox you could find the old Nokia like cell phones and plug your sim card in. I’ve seen one of these ericcson cell phones in my old storage boxes and forgot that was what cell phones were good for, a couple decades ago, to make phone calls (the actual talk time one uses nowadays almost shouldn’t classify these smart phones as phones anymore, call it a smart personal device[which has a function to make a phone call if needed]). Back 20 years ago who would have imagine you could turn on your lights and home heating at home now from your phone.


    • MrJohnson says:

      “The Punisher”…long time no see. As well as no internet access, old phones can’t text very well and have no camera so that kind of sucks. Yeah, there’s a lot less talk time going on. People are too chicken shit to call each other now that there’s another option. It’s interesting/scary what it will be like 20 years from now.


  4. Oh boy.. Smartphone detox! That sounds like torture.. I need to join you in that adventure. I go a wristwatch 2 weeks ago!!!

    I think the world would benefit from a little tech detox though so I wish you well and keep us posted.


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