The Purpose of Life

Instead of deeply pondering the purpose of life, most people just pick a purpose that makes them feel good or think they can tolerate. As I have said before, above all, the purpose of life is to not feel like a loser.

From listening to and observing people, I’ve gathered that the great majority of people are on a mission to live a “good life” meaning you saw things, did things, loved and are confident that when you are in your prune-like state your story will garner acceptance and some admiration. It seems like nonsense though that our purpose is to live a life based mostly on cultural worthiness.

When a person is said to be depressed it’s never due to the state of the world or the starving kids in Uganda. It’s always about how shitty they think their life is or is going to be. The main objective is to be as far from that state of mind as possible and we try to achieve this by living a “good life.”

The original purpose was to perpetuate the species which was a difficult task not too long ago. Now any man with one nut can shoot his dirty load in someone or something and can be confident his offspring will survive with his help or not. With that centuries old problem out of the way, now what? Perhaps God never intended for us to come this far and is sitting in his throne thinking, this wasn’t supposed to happen. I messed up.

There must be a purpose though if we’ve been keeping this thing going for hundreds of thousands of years. Then again, I’m sure the ghosts of the dinosaurs may disagree. If they could they’d be telling us to just do whatever we want because it’s all going to end some day. One day you’re devising a 5 day plan on how to fornicate with a Brontosaurus and the next day an asteroid wipes out those plans forever. The dinosaurs were the bosses of their time but it doesn’t seem like their existence amounted to much. Fossil fuels and museum displays for humans? What a shitty deal.

So maybe there is no important purpose to life but if there is we wouldn’t be able to see it because life evolves so slowly that our contributions to a multi-million year plan are like microscopic bacteria in the ocean. Life has always been about chasing comfort, greed and admiration which pushes innovation and destruction, hoping that innovation for the benefit of humans prevails.

We’re still in the mindset of wanting to perpetuate the species although with over-population and declining resources it could be the end of us. As long as women want babies and men want women, men will continue to do what is necessary to please women. What a shitty deal.





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