Incremental Misery

(Written a few months ago)

The realizations of the non-working life slowly make its way to my consciousness as the days go on. When I’m in a moment when I know I’m feeling good I stop to think why that is. I’m a complicated individual, I know.

After breakfast/brunch while I was drinking my green tea I concluded that the change of pace and not having to constantly worry about the time does wonders for the state of mind.


Organic eggs with SPAM is a bit of a contradiction

My usual mornings before would consist of waking up to the alarm at 7:30 AM, procrastinating leaving the dead man pose and juggling breakfast with getting ready so that it wouldn’t exceed 8:10 AM. For most of the day at work there were no managers present but there was always time management. These days it’s do whatever and whenever.

You can’t do this forever though. Probably not plus I wouldn’t really want to either. But I know now that small amounts of stress and misery every day compound over time so slowly that you can’t even recognize them as possible underlying issues for your half-miserable existence. Too much of a good thing can be bad but too much of a bad thing is always horrible.





11 comments on “Incremental Misery

  1. kalyrical says:

    :/ I’m getting ready to be funemployed soon

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