Prisoner Joes

There are women out there who seek out the love of prison inmates without having ever met them. This tactic would seem to go against the survival instinct given the possibility of danger but I guess one person’s danger is another’s fantasy.

I don’t know if I can judge these women as I too seem to have a thing for prisoners. I don’t promise them sweet loving when they are released but I root for them. I drop my guard like a woman foolishly in love.

For the past few months I have been following a blogger named, Joe, who is fresh out of prison after a 7 year sentence and trying hard and creatively to turn his life around. He sounds legit and all but my opinion is obviously flawed.

In my rookie year of blogging on WordPress, I caught on to a blog written by a person who also called himself, Joe, who claimed to be a fugitive on the run in Sri Lanka. His story was that he was framed for a crime but managed to escape and could not be caught otherwise his life would be over. Those Nigerian email scams sound more believable but I bought it because when I came around to the blog there were so many others already offering support. I think because he was such a regular commenter on my blog it felt like he was more of a friend than some guy with an unbelievable story. Perhaps it was more that I wanted to believe it than I thought it was a true story. It’s really not like me to be naive.

The icing of this story was that I ended up sending him money. He didn’t even ask. I offered. There was also guilt that I felt for not reaching out. I think you have an idea how it turned out. Funny enough, when I think about it, I always laugh even though it goes down in my history book as the silliest thing I ever bought into. I blogged about it back then and you can read about it here…

How I got Scammed on WordPress

The current Joe also asks for donations via GoFundMe. If I had a job I would probably send him some money for his current projects because I like what he’s doing. Once bitten, twice nothing, I guess. You can check out Joe’s blog here…



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