The Powerless Life

With a power outage currently in effect, my options are to read, write, eat potato chips or jerk off. I can’t even boil water to make a hot beverage. It’s a little worrisome with how much we depend on electricity. If this went on for only a few more days it would be chaos. A smartphone battery just doesn’t last.

Tonight I may be forced to design a little romance by lighting candles while I shower. With no electricity tonight and being unable to watch Dateline NBC it may also force me to meditate my hunger pains away.

I really hope it’s a neighbourhood power outage because if it’s only this house then I have to “man up” and do something about it. I’d much rather just wait for all the lights to magically turn on and digital clocks to blink “12:00.”


2 comments on “The Powerless Life

  1. wpanara says:

    Haha that last part about hoping it’s a neighborhood outage so you don’t have to man up and do anything really cracked me up. I can totally relate. When the power went out in my apartment last week and I opened the door and saw everyone’s power was out, I felt so relieved because it meant somebody else had to fix it. Anyways, hope you had fun wanking and the power is back now.


    • MrJohnson says:

      Yeah, it was a relief that everyone else was suffering with me. I took a 2 hour nap and when I woke up I had my finger on the light switch thinking..”please, please, please.” And then there was light! Phew. I swore to never complain about life again.


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